Final Blog Post!!!! and advice..


So, this is the final blog of the semester for my Public Relations class at St. Ambrose.  I’m not really sure how I feel about it.  I am glad it is the final blog of the semester, but I am also glad that we got to blog.  It honestly wasn’t that bad, or at least a lot better than some of the other worthless time consuming assignments you get in your other classes.



Well, here are some tips mostly for the people who don’t really wan’t to blog in the first place but have to anyways.

  1.  Don’t think to much–  Seriously, don’t think to much.  This isn’t a research paper.  no one wants to read your boring blog where everything is facts and written like a paper.  Write in your blog like you are talking to a friend.
  2. Humor–  Use some humor in your blog posts.  I wouldn’t read your entire dull blog post, or comment if i’m bored.
  3. Multimedia–  Use pictures, videos, or anything else you can think of to break up your blog post.  No one wants to read a blog post that is just full of words.  Put pictures or really anything interesting to look at in between some of your words.  You could do it a lot cooler than what i’m doing now even, but i’m not buying the pro pack or whatever it is.
  4. Write about something interesting–  Try and write about something that you are interested in.  If not, it shows.  If you are interested in what you are writing in, it is much easier for you as the blogger, and will usually be much more interesting for the reader.


If you are a future blogger in a class reading this, and you are like me, just get through it.  It’s not that bad!!!!  Some were even a little fun.  Read the tips and follow them!  Don’t sound like a robot on your blog, no one wants that!  I’m Done!!!!!! 🙂


Flipboard Review


Flipboard is an app I have had on my phone for a long time now but have never used.  It is supposed to be an app where you can get all of your news or entertainment.  You first sign in using your e-mail and go through a long list of almost anything you can think of.  You pick out what you want to be on your Flipboard and can flip the pages looking for an article that interests you.


I found Flipboard to be a very good app for going through all of the content you enjoy.  They make it super easy to add new topics that interest you.  You can search for more specific things.  You can also follow people like Instagram and get updates about them.  Flipboard is actually really easy to use it loads up pretty fast, and has some pretty interesting articles.  You can get articles from big publishers like the New York Times, or read an article by the fellow blogger.  It is really easy to flip through all of your different articles and get rid of the ones you no longer want.


I would rate Flipboard an overall score of 9/10 for a news and social media reader.  It is a one stop shop for all of your news and entertainment needs, and can be customized very easily.  I would recommend this app to anyone.

Top Ten Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Writing A Blog Right Now… Really in no actual order.

10.  Anything Else


Watch the WNBA.

9. Anything Else


Hangout with Trump.  If I was being honest I would probably just write the blog.

8.  Anything Else

Father Changing Baby's Diaper

Change my 1 year old daughter’s diaper.

7.  Anything Else


Wait in line at the DMV.

6.  Anything Else


Go to the dentists.  I hate the dentist!

5.  Anything Else

Justin Bieber Makes An Interesting Fashion Statement

I don’t even know.  I just don’t like him, so anything Justin Bieber.

4.  Anything Else


Listen to someone chew with their mouth open.

3.  Anything Else


Watch the Packers win a game.  Go Bears!

2.  Anything Else


Watch Dancing with the Stars.

1.  Anything Else


Watch the Cubs lose the World Series…

Technology in Sports

Technology in sports has advanced so much in the past few years, it’s crazy.  Most of it is for the good and has improved the game, while some has slowed down the game, or created less contact.  The following are large advancements in sport over the past few years.


  1.  Instant Replay-  The instant replay is one of the biggest things to be added to sports.  It is used in almost every sport now and can be used to make the game more fair.  Sports are also using these for illegal plays, and fining players who do things like intentionally hurt someone else.


2.  Hawk-Eye cam-  This camera is used for many different sports, but it can follow the path of the ball.  In sports like tennis, it can help a judge to see if a ball was in or out of bounds.  In a sport like baseball they can see how far a home run ball went, or even though it is not reviewable, they can see if a pitch was a ball or strike.


3.  Tablets-  While these have been around for awhile in the world of technology, sports have been adapting and using them now.  The NFL uses the Microsoft Surface tablets.  This is big for sports because they can do things like go over previous plays immediately.  They do get a lot of bad press from coaches and players for always crashing or not working properly.  In the NFL players and coaches talk about how they would rather have the Ipad because they are sick of their Microsoft tablets not working.  Last night during the Cubs postseason game they talked about how Joe Maddon’s Ipad crashed and he was on the phone with tech support for over an hour and a half.

These were only a few technological advances in sports.  There have been so many more that have changed sports forever.  Medical equipment is better for all athletes, cameras are smaller and can capture more, you can stream any game you want in real time, fans can scan their phone like a ticket at the gate, everyone seems to be micd up now, and many many more.


SAU Twitter Scavenger Hunt

School Spirit

Eating Spot

Professor on Street

Academic Excellence

Scenic Spot

Little-Known Fact

Fanatic Fan

Extracurricular extravaganza


Social Media


So, this week in out public relations class, we were asked to make a blog post about our social media habits.  Here are the questions we were asked.

  1. Which types of social media do you currently use?
  2. How do you use them/what type of device?
  3. Why do you use them and what for?
  4. What function do you think is currently missing from your favorite social media that you wish it had?
  5. Which social media do you use the most and why?

Which types of social media do you currently use?

What I have for social media are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.  It depends on what you mean by use, because I don’t really post much except for the occasional Facebook post.  It’s more used for scrolling through and seeing if anything interesting is happening in anyone’s lives, which there usually isn’t.  I did post this meme this morning because it made me laugh.  Might have been my first post in a month…


How do you use them/what type of device?

I really only use my phone when looking at social media.  It’s all in one place, tells me when something happens I may be interested in, and all you have to do is click the little app box.

Why do you use them and what for?

I use social media to keep in contact with friends and family.  Most of my friends have graduated college and moved away, or were in the military and live all over the world.  Without social media, it would be hard for me to at least stay a little connected with these people.


What function do you think
is currently missing from your favorite social media that you wish it had?

The only function I can think of off of the top of my head is some way to dislike things.  I still find it really weird when you have to put like on someones post when they are saying something about their Grandma passing away.  

Which social media do you use the most and why?

I use Facebook the most because it is where most of my friends and family are.  I can see their posts, like their pictures, and even private message them if I want to catch up more.  It’s a one stop shop for social media.  



I could comment on Tim Teblow *Tebow, all day about how this is just another publicity stunt, but I won’t. I am actually very interested to find out if the Mets actually acquired him for his skills or if this is also a publicity stunt on their side. I have heard that he won’t be at some of his training because of his broadcasting duties, so I’m a little skeptical. Good Blog!

You really are obsessed with Mario Cart aren’t you? lol This system does sound pretty cool though. Hopefully it doesn’t cost too much. I don’t see Nintendo ever catching up with Playstation or Xbox, but it could be a fun second system to own if you have to money to do so. Good Post Bye!

Nice post, but if you’re going to make a list over the last 10ish years I think you should add Cam Newton, Jameis Winston, RGIII, and even Sam Bradford. All Heisman winners since 2008. Out of your list, Vince Young was probably my favorite to watch. Great Post!

These are all pretty cool. I have done almost all of these besides the swinging bridge thing which I am going to have to go check out soon. I like your #1. Definitely the best one!

I agree, I think the key to success in college alone is just showing up to class and obviously turning in your homework with some effort. My favorite part of blogging was looking up the pictures as well. Good Post!

I liked all of your tips. I think adding your personality and having fun with it are the most important. Some blogs were more fun than others, but it was not half as bad as I thought it was going to be. Good Post!