Top Ten Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Writing A Blog Right Now… Really in no actual order.

10.  Anything Else


Watch the WNBA.

9. Anything Else


Hangout with Trump.  If I was being honest I would probably just write the blog.

8.  Anything Else

Father Changing Baby's Diaper

Change my 1 year old daughter’s diaper.

7.  Anything Else


Wait in line at the DMV.

6.  Anything Else


Go to the dentists.  I hate the dentist!

5.  Anything Else

Justin Bieber Makes An Interesting Fashion Statement

I don’t even know.  I just don’t like him, so anything Justin Bieber.

4.  Anything Else


Listen to someone chew with their mouth open.

3.  Anything Else


Watch the Packers win a game.  Go Bears!

2.  Anything Else


Watch Dancing with the Stars.

1.  Anything Else


Watch the Cubs lose the World Series…


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