Technology in Sports

Technology in sports has advanced so much in the past few years, it’s crazy.  Most of it is for the good and has improved the game, while some has slowed down the game, or created less contact.  The following are large advancements in sport over the past few years.


  1.  Instant Replay-  The instant replay is one of the biggest things to be added to sports.  It is used in almost every sport now and can be used to make the game more fair.  Sports are also using these for illegal plays, and fining players who do things like intentionally hurt someone else.


2.  Hawk-Eye cam-  This camera is used for many different sports, but it can follow the path of the ball.  In sports like tennis, it can help a judge to see if a ball was in or out of bounds.  In a sport like baseball they can see how far a home run ball went, or even though it is not reviewable, they can see if a pitch was a ball or strike.


3.  Tablets-  While these have been around for awhile in the world of technology, sports have been adapting and using them now.  The NFL uses the Microsoft Surface tablets.  This is big for sports because they can do things like go over previous plays immediately.  They do get a lot of bad press from coaches and players for always crashing or not working properly.  In the NFL players and coaches talk about how they would rather have the Ipad because they are sick of their Microsoft tablets not working.  Last night during the Cubs postseason game they talked about how Joe Maddon’s Ipad crashed and he was on the phone with tech support for over an hour and a half.

These were only a few technological advances in sports.  There have been so many more that have changed sports forever.  Medical equipment is better for all athletes, cameras are smaller and can capture more, you can stream any game you want in real time, fans can scan their phone like a ticket at the gate, everyone seems to be micd up now, and many many more.



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