I could comment on Tim Teblow *Tebow, all day about how this is just another publicity stunt, but I won’t. I am actually very interested to find out if the Mets actually acquired him for his skills or if this is also a publicity stunt on their side. I have heard that he won’t be at some of his training because of his broadcasting duties, so I’m a little skeptical. Good Blog!

You really are obsessed with Mario Cart aren’t you? lol This system does sound pretty cool though. Hopefully it doesn’t cost too much. I don’t see Nintendo ever catching up with Playstation or Xbox, but it could be a fun second system to own if you have to money to do so. Good Post Bye!

Nice post, but if you’re going to make a list over the last 10ish years I think you should add Cam Newton, Jameis Winston, RGIII, and even Sam Bradford. All Heisman winners since 2008. Out of your list, Vince Young was probably my favorite to watch. Great Post!

These are all pretty cool. I have done almost all of these besides the swinging bridge thing which I am going to have to go check out soon. I like your #1. Definitely the best one!

I agree, I think the key to success in college alone is just showing up to class and obviously turning in your homework with some effort. My favorite part of blogging was looking up the pictures as well. Good Post!

I liked all of your tips. I think adding your personality and having fun with it are the most important. Some blogs were more fun than others, but it was not half as bad as I thought it was going to be. Good Post!


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