Ferentz to stay with Iowa until 2025

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 11 Indiana at Iowa

The Blog I read this week was on the University of Iowa’s coach Kirk Ferentz.  Kirk Ferentz was recently given a contract extension by the University of Iowa through 2025.  His old contract was already going to be through 2020.  This decision comes after a great 2015 season with an undefeated regular season and a trip to the Rose Bowl.  Ferentz will now make 4.5 million dollars a year with incentives to win more games.  As a Hawkeye and Ferentz fan I can say that this is awesome news.  It will be nice to see Ferentz retire a Hawk.


Things I liked about the Blog

Some thing that I liked about the blog was that the blog was easy and quick to read, there was plenty of information, they noted some of Ferentz’s awards, and compared Ferentz to other coaches salaries.  In the article they explained how Ferentz could make more or less money after 2020 if he did decide to opt out of his contract.  They showed that there were other coaches who still make more money than Kirk even though he is very well payed.  The article only took a few minutes to read and was very easy to understand.


Things I disliked about the Blog

Two things that I disliked about the blog that I read were that I thought it was actually pretty boring and visually there wasn’t anything else in it besides the cover photo.  I have read other articles on Ferentz’s contract extension that I have found to be a lot more interesting, with a little better information.  Also, the only photo was the cover photo.  To me when reading an article or blog online it should be a little more visually appealing.  In that case, there wasn’t anything I really would like to add to my blog from that blog except for maybe the tags at the very end.


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